This selection is a hard one. As many of these "bad" Giallo films are actually REALLY good, I love them in their own area and style. They are unique. But why do I like them? Campy, sleazy, bad acting (especially on the dubbing) and contains several nonsense moments. But that is the salt&pepper in the Giallo genre as mentioned before... So this is a list mostly of good-bad films.


Director Umberto Lenzi

Spasmo. We don't own the copyrights for this content.
Spasmo. We don't own the copyrights for this content.

Dolls. A lot of dolls in this movie. Cars leave scenes always pushing the 'pedal to the metal'. Absurd dialog. Weird moments. The storyline is quite hard to follow at some points. But that gives this piece a lot of rewatch value. I have seen it several times, but still not quite sure what the story is. I must see it again, you should too! There is a version of this film released by 88-Films

"It's all so absurd, meaningless. And what's absurd is dangerous."

– Christian Bauman (SPASMO)


Director Silvio Amadio

Amuck! We don't own the copyrights for this content.
Amuck! We don't own the copyrights for this content.

Not so many killings. Not so much blood&gore. BUT... Sleazy. That is something you will see in this film I promise! Known for the slow-mo lesbian scene at the beginning of the movie between Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri. Do I still need to convince you to watch it? Well, there is a great duck hunt scene. Just watch it!

If that text was written on the back cover of a movie that I hadn't seen before, I would watch it! You can again find a version released by 88-Films.


Director Juan Piquer Simón

Pices animated gif by Teemu Saarinen/Vinovinkkeli.
Pieces. We don't own the copyrights for this content.

This is quite on the edge if it can be counted as a Giallo film or not. For me, it is a hybrid of American-style Slasher and Italian Giallo. Great murder scenes with gory violence. Many memorable characters. A lot of stupid one-liners. Great music by "CAM" (rumors tell that it was actually Stelvio Cipriani's music). I really would like to experience this film with a crowd at a film festival. I think this movie would be a perfect fit for those situations. Really nice version of the movie released by Arrow Films including both European and American cuts.

The marketing campaign for the movie was a really clever one. With slogans like:

PIECES – It's exactly what you think it is
PIECES – You don't have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre
PIECES – Absolutely no one under 17 will be admitted

Another Juan Piquer Simón movie that I must give a note and think you should see is SLUGS. And I have to borrow a line by our fellow crew member Karo von Rutenhjelm about the film: "This is the BEST horror movie about killer slugs ever made!" I must say, as many horror films about killer slugs as I have seen... I totally agree!

Strip Nude for Your Killer

Director Andrea Bianchi

Strip Nude for Your Killer. We don't own the copyrights for this content.
Strip Nude for Your Killer. We don't own the copyrights for this content.

This film has a really deep story. Really touching. Beautiful and poetic cinematography. Dramatic and thoughtful gem many haven't seen and that's a shame. Without any sleaziness and b-movie feeling at all.

Just kidding. Kidding about the part about sleaziness. Because it is sleazy. I mean really SLEAZY. SLEAZY with all capitals, that sleazy in a good way of course! There is quite a high body count in this mystery but still, the gore isn't anything to talk about. So don't wait for any Argento or Fulci levels here. Those resources were invested towards the nudity. The killer's look is also switched from traditional mask&trench-coat to a leather jacket and a motorbike helmet. Shameless has a decent release of this on DVD. But a better release is made by Arrow Films if you can find one, grab it!

The Washing Machine

Director Ruggero Deodato

The Washing Machine. We don't own the copyrights for this content.
The Washing Machine. We don't own the copyrights for this content.

Trashy 90's re-take to the Giallo genre. This isn't a good film. Second thought... actually it is quite "good". Let's say it is a good Deodato film. I think it is on top of my list from Deodato. Could I recommend this one to anyone even as a "good-bad" film? Yeah, I could but I couldn't recommend it as the first touch in the Giallo genre. Then it would just be bad, trashy, and sleazy for the viewer. What it is. When I first time saw the poster, I thought it was a horror movie about a killer washing machine. SPOILER ALERT! Sadly it isn't. But... it got a really catchy music theme. Claudio Simonetti is responsible of that... So, actually... forget everything what I just said. You must SEE IT! 

It is a murder mystery where a dead man is found inside the machine. A detective is called to"solve" the case. But as the detective arrives the body mysteriously disappeared. A real murder MYSTERY! So our detective has to take the "puzzle solving" to the next level between three hooker sisters involved in the case (I mean quite literally...) to find out who is behind this dirty laundry. Shameless has released a nice metal-cased DVD print of this piece that reminds you of a real washing machine. Funny idea. But the content inside needs a good pre-wash, intense rinse, spin, and dry before watching. And I suggest that you should do the same for your eyes and brain after handling this dirty laundry!

Blog text by Teemu Saarinen / Azh Boyzz.