Azh Boyzz Azh Boyzz Zest Film • Zero Shame • Welcome to the Zone

Azherin&Broyzz is a brewing company that produces decent quality content without any quality checks. Brewed deep inside the Plörö.

B-movies, bad acting, nonsense dialog, stupid one-liners, memorable roles, explosions, lasers, awkward action scenes, gore, out-of-sync audio, and too many times repeated bad jokes. All these things are the structure of Plörö bottle and Azh Boyzz's philosophy. Our fresh, organic visions of macabre and dark humor are never-ending.

Azh Boyzz – Zest films – Zero shame – welcome to the Zone.

Music and voice-over by: Occams Laser / Tom Stuart

Pssst. You might find our A&B labeled bottle in quite a few films and videos that we have created. It is one of our trademarks in our films. But don't tell this secret to anyone!