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Behold! The official music video 'Taking Over' by Occams Laser.
This track is from the album Occult 87. (Additional track ‘Sigil’ used in outro)
This fine piece of debauchery was created by the AZH BOYZZ team:
Teemu Saarinen – Director / D.O.P / Editor
Ville Lähde - Satan
Karo von Rutenhjelm – Mr Teeth / SFX & Makeup
Ville Aittokumpu – Touho / Producer
Eetu Keränen – Gaffer
This amazing team made this all possible! Go and give them some support, check out their other creations and most of all keep your eyes peeled for more in the future.

Special thanks to Rautaportti who supplied the cloaks used in the video.
Make sure to give them some support and check out their website -

If you enjoyed the music; you can buy the digital album ‘Occult 87’ from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music as well as many digital distributors.
The album is also available on cassette as part of a double cassette ‘Occult 86 / 87’ released by TimeSlave Recordings -

Additional thanks:
Ville Huhta, Alvettulan Kyläkauppa, The village of Alvettula, Antti Saarinen, Anne Saarinen, Benjamin Christensen, William Friedkin & Michelle Soavi.


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