Azh Boyzz Azh Boyzz Zest Film • Zero Shame • Welcome to the Zone

Shot in one night and made exclusively for Cinemadrome film festival in fall 2017. This little horror tale was intended to simply warm up the audience and act as a sort of welcome flick of the evening. Just a little something to have fun with classic gothic lighting and practical effects.

This is also one of the first collaborations between CamIce Productions and Azh Boyzz: Producer Ville Aittokumpu kept the quick but challenging production from falling apart, while Teemu Saarinen (who also co-directed) beautifully captured the eerie and foggy nightscape on camera. Awesome thanks to the technical crew on the set: Veli-Matti Kokkala and Juhana Laine. Without these guys blinding the director with lights and spraying him with cold water at zero temperature, this movie would have never been made.

Finally, the picture really came alive with the soundscape created by foley artist Tatu Aittamaa.

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